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The beach

Dip your toes in the turquoise bay

A small strand of sand that juts out into the middle of the bay, Marigot Bay Beach provides the perfect spot for an afternoon of sunbathing and swimming. Positioned on the other side of the bay to the resort, the beach provides a different perspective of the bay and offers an authentic, local place to relax.



Cocktails on the sand

Doolittle's Restaurant and Bar is located on Marigot Bay Beach. Named after the 1967 film, Dr. Doolittle, which was famously filmed in the bay. The restaurant is available for breakfasts, lunches, and casual evening meals as well as beers and cocktails. Take a seat on the small sandy beach, watch the sun sparkling on top of the Caribbean Sea, and indulge in a delicious cocktail or two.


The Ferry

Transporting you

Our complimentary ferry from Marigot Bay Resort to the beach will take you across the bay in a couple of minutes to a haven studded with a strand of palms. The ferry departs from the public dock every hour from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Water and towels will be available from the Hurricane Hole before you leave, and our Beach Attendants will be on hand to greet you at the beach on arrival.


Change of Scenery

Choose a different beach every day

At Marigot Bay Resort and Marina we offer a menu of beaches which all have their own unique character and vibe. Take a ride on a local fishing boat to one of our carefully selected beaches.Read more and contact our Personal Assistants for all the information about Marigot Bay Resort and Marina's Beach Vibes.


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Turquoise sea, blue skies, and exotic palm trees - transport yourself to the Caribbean and experience the trip of a lifetime. Start planning your holiday at Marigot Bay and book with us today.

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