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We live and breathe traditional Caribbean culture - a culture that encourages welcoming guests into our home with open arms. Here at Marigot Bay Resort and Marina, our 'Marigot Moment Maestros' will make sure that you receive a completely unabrusive personalised butler-type service tailored to your needs. If we see you wandering, we will escort you to where you want to be, if we see you pondering, we will offer our personal recommendations. Our home is yours to do as you please, so no matter what you need, we will go out of our way to give it to you.


What better way to make the most of your Caribbean getaway than by utilising your very own 'Marigot Moment Maestro' team who will be at your beck and call whenever you may need them - sounds incredible, doesn't it? Not only will you never have to lift a finger, but your 'Marigot Moment Maestro' team will share their local knowledge with you and advise you on how to turn your time with us into the best vacation you’ve ever had. Your Caribbean vacation can be tailored entirely to your hobbies and interests; you can make Marigot Bay your own.  We call it 'Triple M Service' which sets us apart.


Guest arrival begins at the airport where you will be met by one of our 'Marigot Moment Maestros' team members with a selection of cold water, towels, and snacks to top you up from your flight. We have no check in or check out times at the resort and, once you have arrived, we will take your bags to your room and offer you a selection of beverages and snacks while you start to relax.


From our chefs to our Marina Manager, we have a massive team working behind the scenes to make sure every element of Marigot Bay Resort and Marina works perfectly. Our team are full of local knowledge and are experts in their fields - you are in the best hands!


Stay at Marigot Bay Resort & Marina

Turquoise sea, blue skies, and exotic palm trees - transport yourself to the Caribbean and experience the trip of a lifetime. Start planning your holiday at Marigot Bay and book with us today.

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